Anne Frank

by Frances Goodrich & Albert Hackett, adapted by Wendy Kesselman

Writers Theatre

Chicago Tribune, Chris Jones

"We all know 'The Diary of Anne Frank' does not end happily. If you are watching a truthful, deeply engaged production, and director Kimberly Senior's work for Writers Theatre is most certainly in that category, you are left with a feeling of unspeakable waste, loss and regret, the very familiar having been made cruel and strange."

Chicagoland Theatre Reviews, Dan Zeff

"The staging has obviously been meticulously directed but Kimberly Senior's guidance is invisible to the audience's eye, the best kind of directing."

Chicago On The Aisle, Lawrence B. Johnson

""If ever there was ensemble theater, this is it, and Writers' fine company directed by Kimberly Senior gets down to the very fiber of human reckoning, of valiant mutual accommodation thrown against personal frailty and ravaging fear."

Chicago Sun Times, Hedy Weiss

"Under Kimberly Senior's direction...this production builds in intensity as it moves to its conclusion — a finale as devastating as it is inevitable."

Chicagoland Theatre Reviews, Colin Douglas

"Kimberly Senior's direction of this play is vigorous and stirring, heartfelt and brimming with love."

Buzz News, John Accrocco

"What Senior extracts from her actors is a perfect storm of the best and the worst of humanity backed into a corner, in which the stakes really are life and death."


Jack Magaw


Sarah Hughey


Josh Schmidt


Nan Zabriskie


Nick Heggestad

Photos by:

Michael Brosilow