by Scott Carter

Northlight Theatre

Chicago Tribune, Chris Jones

"an entertaining and intellectually stimulating 90 minutes, featuring three skilled Chicago actors working with a smart director and a clever script."

Daily Herald, Barbara Vitello

"Senior goes beyond the gimmick to get to 'Discord's' emotional core, where truth and salvation lie. She has in Hosner, Montgomery and Parker an accomplished trio who play off each other beautifully and whose performances suggest a sense of humor as well as hard-won introspection."

Chicago Sun Times, Hedy Weiss

"Kimberly Senior's animated direction and pitch-perfect casting also could not be more ideal."

New City, Hugh Iglarsh

"Wisely, director Kimberly Senior gets out of the playwright's way, allowing her gifted cast to address viewers directly, thus drawing us into the lively and passionate conversation onstage."

Third Coast Review, Nancy Bishop

"Kimberly Senior's smooth direction succeeds in making this pastiche of one-liners and existential debate into a smart evening of theater."


Jack Magaw


Sarah Hughey


Andrew Hansen


Nan Zabriskie