Chris Gethard: Career Suicide

by Chris Gethard

Lynn Redgrave Theater

The Hollywood Reporter, Frank Scheck

"That [Chris Gethard] manages to be simultaneously funny and moving while doing so is the key to the success of the show, sensitively directed by Kimberly Senior."

Theater Pizzazz, Martha Wade Steketee

"Chris Gethard's solo play about depression, his long-term relationship with his odd-ball therapist Barbara, vivid experiences with a range of mind-altering substances, and the joy of making people laugh, directed with nuance by Kimberly Senior, is more than standup packaged as a play. This show packs comedy with pathos and tragedy with laughter in a masterful mixture."

New York Times Theatre Guide, Margret Echeverria

"Director Kimberly Senior employs a raw method of storytelling that is without overly theatric distractions. Nothing feels contrived."

L&S Online America, David Barbour

"It's a high-wire balancing act, and [Chris Gethard]s] director, Kimberly Senior, must share the credit for seeing that he never puts a foot wrong."

The New York Times, Charles Isherwood

"[The] lyrics of the songwriter Morrissey are a leitmotif throughout [Chris Gerhard: Career Suicide], which is nimbly directed by Kimberly Senior."


Brendan Boston


Jen Schreiver


Ryan Rumery

Photos by:

Joan Marcus