by Michele Lowe

TimeLine Theatre Company

Chicago Stage Standard, Jerald Raymond Pierce

"With 'Inana', TimeLine Theatre Company and playwright Michele Lowe set out to tell a story of love and hope. Thanks to a fantastic script, outstanding performances, and Kimberly Senior's deft directorial hand at the helm, this production absolutely delivers on that."

Chicago Theatre Review, Colin Douglas

"...Once again TimeLine Theatre has made a forgotten, little understood event from the recent past feel relevant and immediate. This play is a fascinating puzzle box of events and involvements, peopled with quirky, likable characters who, thanks to Kimberly Senior's astute direction, bring humanity to the anonymity of history."

Stage and Cinema, Lawrence Bommer

"Richly mined by Kimberly Senior...Few plays sort stuff out as satisfactorily as 'Inana'. As with many plays from TimeLine Theatre, this is valuable make-believe, reminding us that there are kindred souls among our supposed enemies."

Chicago Sun Times, Hedy Weiss

"As with all TimeLine productions, 'Inana' is expertly acted, directed (by Kimberly Senior) and designed."

Windy City Times, Mary Shen Barnidge

"...These multiple dimensions-did I mention the flashbacks and the double-casting?-could easily descend into vertigo-inducing chaos, but director Kimberly Senior ensures that all transitions are executed cleanly and crisply."


Colette Pollard


Charlie Cooper


Misha Fiksel


Samantha Jones

Photos by:

Lara Goetsch