Homecoming 1972

by Robert Koon

Chicago Dramatists

Chicago Tribune, Chris Jones

"'Homecoming 1972' has been given a richly detailed production from the skilled director Kimberly Senior, who uses Koon's notable skills with character development to forge a series of vignettes that feel consistently real — and, in a few places, are genuinely moving. Nothing here is overplayed: Senior is relentless in enforcing the notion that the feelings of small-town folks in Minnesota are not expressed through screaming fits, but mostly must be discerned from the subtexts of their polite conversations."

Time Out Chicago, Kris Vire

"Kimberly Senior's production is thoughtfully staged and impeccably acted, remarkably fulfilling Koon's efforts to encapsulate a swath of social upheaval while still feeling organic; no idea or issue comes across as shoehorned in."


Jack Magaw


Mac Vaughey


Christopher Kriz


Samantha Jones

Photos by:

Jeff Pines