The Pillowman

by Martin McDonagh

Red Twist Theatre

Chicago Tribune, Nina Metz

"Certain things can only be revealed in close-up. It's a tool well-suited to cinema but not often practical in theater unless the space is small and the director exceptionally clever. Which brings us to Kimberly Senior's unforgettable production of The Pillowman for Redtwist Theatre, which...nails what far too few off-Loop theater companies (and their directors) are willing to go after. I'm speaking of intimacy that nearly goes too far."

Chicago Reader, Justin Hayford

"Staging just about anything in Redtwist's cramped storefront space is an exercise in claustrophobia--a fact director Kimberly Senior adroitly exploits in this harrowing production...Senior places the actors in a narrow alley between opposing rows of seats, so audience members have a close-up view of the cat-and-mouse game. A smart, meticulous cast play most everything tight to the vest, making for a taut, absorbing evening."


Anders Jacobson and Judy Radovsky


Chris Burpee


Christopher Kriz


Erin Fast