Sex With Strangers

by Laura Eason

Geffen Playhouse

LA Times, Margaret Gray

"...under Kimberly Senior's direction, this taut two-person drama is engrossing and surprising, not only in its sexual politics but in its investigation of identity in the digital age."

LA Splash, Elaine L. Mura

"Director Kimberly Senior keeps the action moving in what could be a wordy play, fleshing out her two characters with skill and sensitivity."

LAist, Lyle Zimskind

"Director Kimberly Senior makes good use of the intimate 'Audrey' performing space and sensitively draws us in to Olivia and Ethan's interactions both as eager lovers and as writers with incongruous emotional and professional needs."

StageSceneLA, Steven Stanley

"Under Kimberly Senior's incisive direction, Pidgeon and Grush not only act up a storm but display so much body heat between them that you'll likely find your interest unflagging throughout the play's brisk two hours."


Sybil Wickersheimer


Josh Epstein


Cricket Myers


Elisa Benzoni

Photos by:

Michael Lamont