Waiting for Lefty

by Clifford Odets

American Blues Theatre

WBEZ, Kelly Kleiman

"Kimberly Senior directs this production (as all her others) with such a light touch it would be easy to forget that she was there, except for the fact that the performances are uniformly excellent, the pacing impeccable, and the emotional heart of the play right out there on its sleeve."

Chicago Tribune, Chris Jones

"As I watched Kimberly Senior's enveloping, powerfully acted and emotional production...I kept thinking... although she wisely respects the play's integrity, Senior also subtly evokes the shadows of American workers' past. Sitting in the half-light — their feelings unknown — her unspeaking witnesses offer a compelling counterpoint to the familiar tales of wronged workers."


Jack Magaw


Heather Gilbert


Toy Delorio


Elizabeth Flauto and Samantha Jones

Photos by:

Johnny Knight